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OMP is the #1 supplier of Tetherite brand
landing gear and Tetherite is the #1 brand gear.

Tetherite Profile landing gear.

Lightweight, tapered Tetherite "Krazy Legs" profile landing gear. These super strong and flexible gear are made of glass filled nylon. They are strong, super light and are the perfect compliment to your fun fly plane.

The Tetherite brand gear have been flown and tested the world over and have been praised likewise. 

Tetherite "Krazy Legs" Fun Fly Gear spec sheet


New! Tetherite offset plates for profile planes.

These offset plates are specially designed to give you 2.5 degrees of engine offset. They are made with the same material as our best selling landing gear. Each plate is 3"x3" and can be easily cut for use of 6-8 profile planes per plate.

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"Krazy Legs"

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TPP15 Gear (40 Size)
Up to 7 lbs
$14.95+$5.95 Shipping

Note: 90 Size Gear no longer available

TPP17 Gear (Giant Size)
Up to 15 lbs

Tetherite Offset Plates
minimum shipping

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